At Grit & Grace Education, we are school leaders, educators, parents, and life-long learners, dedicated to providing relevant consultation that bridges the gap between home and academia by offering well-researched, practical solutions to the needs of all stakeholders.


The mission of Grit & Grace Education is two-fold.  We seek to develop within our clients the stamina necessary to traverse the waters of academia and society successfully (grit), while simultaneously helping them to better understand the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders (grace).


Our vision is to become a standard of excellence in the educational consulting community by building the self-efficacy of parents, youth, and teachers with our evidence-based approach to this work of education and social-emotional learning.


Where will your child be this summer?!

Are you looking for a safe environment where your child’s whole being can be nurtured and developed?

L O O K    N O   F U R T H E R !

GRACED Summer Enrichment Academy Flyer

G.R.A.C.E.D. Summer Enrichment Academy welcomes students grades 1-3 for four weeks of learning and fun! Contact us for more details at info@graced4this.com and graced4this2020@gmail.com.


Why Choose US ?

We are here to serve the community with a three-pronged, evidence-based approach proven to enhance and enrich each educational experience through P-Y-T: Parent Support, Youth Services, & Teacher Strategies.



We will serve as advocates and liaisons for parents within the community and schools to assist them in better addressing the academic and social needs of their children.



Very often, students need a fresh voice to reiterate expectations in a manner that honors their own paths and individual determination for success.



We will empower educators to shine as the subject matter experts they truly are by encouraging them to invest in their professional development, as well as their own social-emotional needs.



We will serve as advocates and liaisons for parents within the community and schools to assist them in better addressing the academic and social needs of their children.


Ms. Schalette Poteat, Ed.S., born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince George’s County, MD, is a globally-competent educator with 20 years of experience with learners from six weeks of age to 60 years old. Ms. Poteat has a Dual BA in English-Liberal Arts and Religion and a minor in Black Studies from The Lincoln University (PA); an MA in Educational Leadership (K-12) from Bowie State University; an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction (K-12) from the University of Phoenix; and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education at Walden University. Her career in education began in the middle school classroom as an English/Language Arts Teacher with Prince George’s County Public Schools in August 2000, and she is currently serving as an Educator and Instructional Climate & Culture Coach in the Washington-Metropolitan area. Additionally, Schalette has been an early childhood center director and trainer, a professor, a college administrator, a second grade teacher, and a high school English teacher. Several of these positions were held internationally, to include Seoul, Osan, and Pyeongtaek in South Korea as well as Ankara, Turkey. These experiences have served to enhance her ability to reach learners of diverse demographics. Schalette’s life is committed to three Ls-LEARN, LEAD, and LIBERATE and she truly believes that any student can learn if given the most valuable resource–a conscious, compassionate, and committed educator.

Schalette Poteat

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