Teacher Strategies

The need for stakeholder support from scholar-practitioners is clear. As educators, we know that our colleagues often lack the support necessary to effectively engage students and meet instructional expectations while practicing self-care. We seek to empower educators to shine as the subject matter experts they truly are by encouraging them to invest in themselves, their professional development, as well as their own social-emotional needs.

Therefore, Grit & Grace Education, is committed to providing the following individual as well as school-based professional development services to educators:

  • self-care techniques
  • career-educator mentorships
  • culturally relevant teaching strategies
  • long-term and unit planning
  • objective-based daily lesson planning
  • positive behavior intervention and support (PBIS)
  • social emotional learning
  • child development/age-appropriate behaviors
  • understanding urban education

Pricing Structure (first 30-minute consultation is FREE)

All trainings include access to electronic and paper materials

  • One 45-minute training: individual-$45
  • Three-session package: individual-$120
  • Team workshops (90 minutes): max. 6 people-$250/max. 12 people- $375
  • Group workshops (90 minutes): 13-20 people-$500
  • Call for rates for groups of 20 or more or school-based teams